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Garden Hall Hosts 17th Business Rating Award Ceremony

Garden Hall Hosts 17th Business Rating Award Ceremony

Garden Hall has hosted the 17th business rating award ceremony that was organized by the Georgian Times media holding and GORBI, public opinion and marketing research company.

The Georgian Times media holding and GORBI company have been conducting business rating since 1995. This year the organizers introduced new nomination — for the first time in Georgia Investment Awards was held for investors to determine and popularize  successful investors.

Objective of the project is to determine the most successful field in Georgia, promote business activities and support cooperation between Authorities and society. Both business and political sectors recognize the contribution made by the business rating. At the ceremony, businessmen were awarded by golden cross awards in various nominations. The best one was transmitted a grand prize, national business award, handmade and exclusive award of Bolnuri Cross made of precious metals.

SOCAR Georgia Petroleum was named as the best company and a special award was handed over to David Zubitashvili by Georgian Times President Malkhaz Gulashvili.

Omega Group was named in nomination of the best investor.

State Company nomination was also a new category and the award in this moniation was transmitted to Georgian Railway company.

The nomination of reporter’s sympathy (best respondent) and Mr. Charm was carried by Soso Pkhakadze.

The Georgian Times and Gorbi have also awarded mass media representatives for Georgian business support and popularization. Winners in nominations was announced by Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania.