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Gambling Business Faces Problems in Regions

The government’s visa policy is also reflected in casinos. Director of the casino opened in  the Ambassador  hotel  located in Kachreti Joni Takniashvili  told  “Commersant”.
“The casino opened in October, when the new visa regime was already in force, so I cannot speak about  the decline in  clients, but under the old visa policy the situation would be better. For this reason,  as I know, the number of  users cut down in other casinos as well, “- Takniashvilli notes.

According to him, gambling people spontaneously decide to go abroad to play. Therefore, they should not have any restrictions.

In his words, the number of clients is far from desired and therefore, they launch an advertising campaign  to   attract clients.

A few months ago, the gambling industry faced problems in the town of Signaki, where Europe-Bet branch has ceased to functionafter 4 years of existence.

In the words of the representatives of Europe Bet,  the non-profitability of this business was the reason for the closure of the  casino.

A representative of Iveria casino located in Radisson hotel in Batumi notes  that the number of  Iranian visitors has recently reduced, although their major customers are visitors from Turkey that’s why the casino  has not suffered a sharp decline in clients.

The previous government saw tourism promotion in the development of the gambling business. However,  the initiative to turn TSKALTUBO  into the Georgian Las Vegas has  ultimately failed.

Later, the new government talked about the move  of the Georgian Las Vegas  to Anaklia.

As reported, new visa regulations entered into force on September 1 provide  for the abolition of visa-free communications with several countries – China, Iran, Iraq, etc. and a  residence order for  the citizens from the  states with which free visa regime  was maintained.

If before foreigners with the right to visa-free entry into Georgia could live in the country without any restrictions, now they can stay in the country for 90 days every six months – for permanent residence they must obtain a long-term visa or a residence permit.