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Free Parcel Freight to USA – New Project by Barami Company

Free Parcel Freight to USA – New Project by Barami Company

Barami company is the first shipping company in Georgia that provides air, sea freight and land transportation services. Barami Logistics has launched a new project in Georgia.

In his interview with the Marketer, Barami executive director Dimitri Kimadze has talked about the company’s new services

– When was the company founded and what services does the company offer to the Consumers?

– Barami company has been providing air, sea freight and land transportation services since 2000. Barami is the first company in Georgia that has enabled Georgian clients to receive parcels from the USA in the form of online shoppings and personal parcels.

-What does your new service imply, free parcel freights from Georgia to the USA?

-The service implies free shipping of parcels from Georgia to the USA, including personal parcels and sales of desirable products through international online shops, like Amazon, Ebay and so on.

– What is your tariff system and what does the free shipping imply?

– As to the tariffs, the shipping tariff is a fixed one – 8.5% for 1 kg plus 20$ of internal shipping. This amount must be transferred  for the operation.. It is stored on personal account created in the personal registration process. The amount can be used in any other operation by Barami and will be saved on deposit for 6 months. The amount that the Client has to pay for the parcel shipping is stored on deposit, this signifies the parcel will be transported from Georgia free of charge. Transportation from Georgia is free of charge and the deposited amount is used for only shipping parcels from abroad.

-How it is possible to sell desirable item through international online stores and do you assist the Clients in this operation?

-First of all, the clients should have such intention and the item must meet the US customs requirements and should be not included in the list of forbidden things. We provide consultations to all consumers, who want to participate in the project. To this end, they should contact us or visit our service center.

– How did the idea of this project arise?

-The company plans to introduce Georgian products to international online stores and arrange shipping of parcels from Georgia to the USA for Georgian emigrants. This idea arose because of the existing demand for sending items from Georgia abroad. Therefore, we have introduced this service. We have set these tariffs to introduce and expand the flow of parcels from the USA.

-Who can send products as part of the new project and are there companies that have already enjoyed this service?

-All clients are able to join this innovative project. Several companies and individuals have been already using this service.

Source: Marketer