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Four-Star Hotel to Open in Kvareli

Corporation Kindzmarauli will build a 4-star hotel in Kvareli, namely in Duruji gorge, Corporation Kindzmarauli director general Nugzar Ksovreli told BM.Ge. The company has been actively developing wine tourism and the new hotel is its new project.

“We are building the second hotel. We have already bought the site. We are developing the project and Dutch specialists are working on it. This is a four-star hotel with 40 suites. The hotel will comprise a spa-sauna, swimming pool, events hall, playground and so on. The hotel infrastructure will be located on huge territory. About 2 million USD will be invested in the initial phase. Hotel and events hall will be arranged in the first stage.

The construction works will end in two years. We have one hotel and certain experience in this direction. Therefore, we will assume management of this hotel”, Nugzar Ksovreli said.

Corporation Kindzmarauli owns a 26-suite hotel Chateau Kvareli with a bar and restaurant in Kvareli, near the winemaking company. The company also owns a hostel with 40 beds and serves the cheap segment, mainly students.