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Tsezar Chocheli

Founder of Zedazeni Reviews Private Sector’s Annual Performance

What has the year of 2015 brought and what the year of 2016 will bring? Amid the current social and economic tendencies in Georgia, a part of the major business sector representatives negatively evaluate the year of 2015, while another part shows content with the current year’s performance.

Tsezar Chocheli founder of Zedazeni company reviews the year of 2015 for private sector.

“The current year was very important for our company, because the court remove arrest from all our companies. This fact is of crucial importance for us. At the same time, the year was difficult in terms of economic indicators amid the currency volatility. We have not taken intense steps this year, because the arrested assets were thwarting our operation. The GEL depreciation has further worsen our condition. We had to serve foreign currency denominated loans, while our revenues were denominated in GEL and the fact gas inflicted much loss to our company.

We will inaugurate the projects that could not be commenced because of property seizure. Namely, this year we will launch a juice production project. We have already ordered the production line machineries. This project will mainly compete with importer companies, but we also plan to intensify efforts in the export markets too.

Today, imported juice products control 80%-85% of the market and we aim to replace the imports by our domestically manufactured products.We have ambitious plans for 2016 to implement all previously determined projects such as coffee production and the direction of construction materials. The next year we will make a quite big investment, but I cannot specify the investment amount at this stage.