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giorgi mshvildadze

Founder of Tegeta Motors Makes Suggestions for Beginner Businessmen

Caucasus Business Week had an exclusive interview with one of the founders of Tegeta Motors, Giorgi Mshvildadze, who made few suggestions for beginner businessmen.

I am a civil engineer by profession. I have graduated transportation and mechanical engineering faculty at  the Georgian Technical University. I found my first job place at TbilKalakProject. I used to design motorways. In that period specialists were referred to job places from universities. Since I graduated the university by the Red Diploma, I was first referred to the job place. My first salary was 120 Rubles. This was a good sum in that period, even more so for a young man.

My educational backgro­und ­bu­­s­i­ness. In 1996 I joined the Tegeta Motors team and since then I have been working in this team.

I like Porsche vehicles very much. I frequently drive this vehicle. I personally do not own a vehicle and use only company motorcar. Jeep or sedan? I would not make such differentiation. I use both of them. Everything depends on specific situation. I drive a sedan for business meetings, in other cases I prefer a JEEP. I go to office every day, at half past of 9 in the morning. My office starts operation in this time.

Having got to the office,  I first discuss the agenda. I preliminarily compose the weeklong agenda to determine what to do in this or that day. I always follow this agenda.

I would not work in the field that is not interesting for me and that I do not understand. I have received technical education and this field inspires me. Consequently, I do not have education in the humanities and I do not understand this field. I would not work in the field, where I lack for due knowledge. I suggest young people the same – they should follow the fields and specialties to which they incline and in which they show their best skills.

I would suggest beginner businessmen to analyze their mistakes. Every person makes mistakes, but we should analyze them to correct them. Business may be developed in this way. I would suggest the beginner businessmen to learn analyzing mistakes. A person should be ambitious and goal-oriented, but should not do anything for career.

The main thing in this life to be happy, to be glad seeing the new dawn. It is much misfortune, when a person finds this life useless.

I often travel for business affairs. I often leave for foreign countries for business meetings. Though, I would nowhere live outside of Georgia on permanent basis. Every person can spend a year or two outside of the homeland, but not on permanent basis. I have so many familiar and close persons in this country, I will never abandon them.I appreciate all Georgian dishes, except for Khashi. I cannot endure this meal. Football is my favorite sport, I like this sport since my childhood.