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Businessman Lasha Papashvili to Start a New Project Next Year

Lasha Papashvili Reviews Annual Performance of Private Sector in 2015

What has the year of 2015 brought and what the year of 2016 will bring? Amid the current social and economic tendencies in Georgia, a part of the major business sector representatives negatively evaluate the year of 2015, while another part shows content with the current year’s performance.

Lasha Papashvili The founder of Kvarlis Baga company in his interview with CBW reviews the last year and talks about private sector’s performance in 2015.

Our company is one of the best  enterprises in the Region, but the current year has brought undesirable financial indicators after the GEL devaluation. The company is ending the year with losses. The solvency of our population has shrunk and that’s why the company bears losses.

“The current year has shocked both ordinary citizens and the major business. This year was a negative period for the business. We hope the next year will bring better innovations. I admit the capital flow is free in the country, the tax pressure absents and our country provides all efforts to reach considerable economic growth that will be immediately reflected on our company,” he said.

Absence of veterinary services is our major problem and we have invited foreign specialists and taken serious costs. This year the company has invested total of 4 million USD in the production.

In 2016 the national currency exchange rate will determine many tendencies. We plan to increase the farm output, but everything depends on economic realities. We want to double the neat cattle quantity to 900 ones this year. In 2016 the company will invest 10 million USD”.