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Former PM of Georgia Published a Book on Economic Reforms

Founder and managing partner of Reformatics and former Prime Minister of Georgia, Mr. Nika Gilauri, published a book Practical Economics: Economic Transformation and Government Reform in Georgia 2004-2012. The book describes the experience which has basically transformed state management system of Georgia.

“Why has been the book written? I have two responses: the first, there has been always a great demand on Georgian experience, while communicating with the leaders of various countries, they constantly posed the question, where to get acquainted with the unique experience of the reform, which ensured the leaders of many countries that small countries, facing difficult economic challenges, can transform in a very short period of time. The book describes how Georgia managed a breakthrough and achieved impressive results in the fight against corruption, rightsizing of government, creation of business-friendly environment, tax and customs reform, privatization of state-owned companies, energy sector reforms, and smart spending approaches applied to welfare, healthcare, education and procurement. The second and very important factor was a desire to describe all reforms in details, which mostly had resulted success, but in some cases failure as well”, Nika reports on his Facebook page.

Former head of the government regards that government of various countries is interested in Georgian reform due to the achieved results. Namely,

– Georgian economy has quadrupled in nominal 9 years (as of 2003 data, GDP was 3.9 billion USD, while it achieved 15.8 billion USD at the end of 2012);

– Georgia has moved on the 8th place instead of the 112th position in the World Bank’s Doing Business rating;

– The country has moved from the 127th to the 51st position in Corruption Perceptions Index;

–  The average real economic growth was 6% -7% in 2004-2012.

“Precisely the achieved success had ensured country’s withdrawal from extreme poverty and creation of middle class population. Surely, today Georgia is still a poor country and at least 10 years for the next phase of the reforms are needed to enable the country to escape poverty “, – founder of Reformatics declares.

Practical Economics was published by Palgrave Macmillan in the USA. The book is merely available in English, but its translation is planned in Georgian by the nearest future. The e-version of the book is free for download on the following link and the hardcopy is available for purchase at www.amazon.com and www.springer.com. By the next week, presentation of the book is already planned in the World Bank, the Atlantic Council, Harvard, Stanford and other leading worldwide universities.