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Forever 21 not Considering to Enter Georgian Market

The world-famous American brand of apparel and accessories Forever21 is not going to officially enter Georgian market. CBW was told by the brand representatives that Forever21 is a private company that doesn’t offer its    franchisees for sale. According to them, the brand is not planning to open shops in Georgia.

Some time ago local news agencies reported that Forever21 was considering entering the Georgian market.

The brand was even in talks with one of the Georgian companies. It is currently conducting a market survey, which found out how realistic it is to enter the Georgian market.

“We had negotiations and are still in contact, all depends on the rating, how big will be the market demand in Georgia. Accordingly, if the demand  increases so that their interest grows, more likely that Forever 21 will appear in Georgia in the near future,” – say the company reps.

Forever21 was founded in America in 1984. At present, the brand owns more than 600 stores in the US, European and Asian countries. Over 35 thousand people are employed at the brand stores.