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Foreign Media about Corruption Activities of SinoHydro, Winner of Millionaire Tenders in Georgia

Foreign Media about Corruption Activities of SinoHydro, Winner of Millionaire Tenders in Georgia

Chinese company SinoHydro has won tenders of hundreds of millions of USD and is one of the key highway building companies. This company has built bypass roads in Rustavi, Kutaisi, Kobuleti. Currently, SinoHydro is constructing the bypass road section of Samtredia-Grigoleti highway.

SinoHydro has questionable international reputation. In various periods, Governments of various countries and organizations have accused the company of corruption, cheating, appropriation of budget funds, fulfillment of low-quality construction works, dishonest partnership.

International media editions have frequently covered corruption deals by SinoHydro – Development Bank of Africa has included the company in the Black List. The company was banned to participate in projects financed by Bank of Africa. Transparency International has said that one of the construction projects implemented by SinoHydro is a monument to corruption.

We introduce information spread by international media agencies about corruption and fraudulence and illegal activities by SinoHydro.







Development Bank of Africa has exposed SinoHydro of swindling deals and included it in the Black List.

Transparency International and International Rivers have released information saying that the dam of the cascade built in Malaysia by SunoHydro is a monument to corruption.

SinoHydro won a 533 million USD tender in Zimbabwe. The company was exposed of corruption again. The project audit has showed up that the tender value was artistically enlarged and exceeded the real value twice.

SinoHydro did not fulfill the requirements of Uganda Road Infrastructure support project  and the counter-corruption office of the customer accused it of signing illegal contracts and corruption deals.

Projects implemented by SinoHydro are permanently criticized because of negative impact on local population and environment. Botswana Airport expansion project is among similar projects. The Chinese company was accused of having performed invaluable and low-quality works.  The project orderer terminated the contact with SinoHydro, however the Chinese company had already taken 90% of the sums, more than 527 million USD.

Terrifying information related to security issues was spread after SinoHydro constructed the HPP dam in Malaysia. The information comprises documents, photo materials and video materials revealing that the company management dishonestly performs the construction procedures and the company is also accused on appropriation of the project budget funds.

Exploration of AFDB-funded projects, fulfilled by SinoHydro, showed up that the Chinese company had illegally absorbed huge amount of funds thanks to corruption schemes. Representatives of the Chinese company were exposed of corruption deals with subcontractors and workers.

SinoHydro has problems in Armenia too,where it is constructing one of the sections of the North-West highway.  Government of Armenia has released information that the works by SinoHydro were fulfilled invaluably in the Talin-Lanjik and Lanjik-Giumri section of the North-West highway.

Kyrgyzstan has accused SinoHydro of arranging illegal trash dump, where it is building a highway. Government of Kyrgyzstan has imposed 2.2 million USD fine on the company for invaluable construction of the highway.