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Foreign Investors Show Most Interest in Court System Performance

The next meeting between the court system representatives, government officials and the business sector representatives will be held in September.

The previous meeting discussed judicial systems of various countries, Soso Pkhakadze told the Business Contact. Lack of magistrates and absence of due infrastructure are main reasons for protracted business disputes, Pkhakadze noted.

“Efficient system for fulfilling contracts is one of the main preconditions for making investments in this country. Foreign investors are, first of all, interested in how the judicial system works. This is very important for both foreigners and Georgian investors. I have talked with my friends openly that many cases are protracted and magistrates have recognized this.

The court system representatives have showed cooperative positions and referred to experience of various countries.

It is impossible that 10 individuals  perform affairs of 30 persons. Imperfect infrastructure is another problem. They have said that one magistrate is authorized to hire only one room for 90 minutes a week to hold a trial”, Soso Pkhakadze noted.