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Foreign Citizens to Easier Register Businesses in Georgia

The National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) offers simplified services to foreign citizens. Namely, the bodies engaged in production and distribution of various goods or labor migration activities will be able to fill out an obligatory questionnaire in the English language.

The NAPR has already integrated the Georgian-English questionnaire in the NAPR Business Registry database.

Previously, the mentioned questionnaire could be filled out in only Georgian language and foreign citizens had to translate them and this factor was related to wasting additional time and financial resources.

After introduction of this innovation, foreign citizens will not have to take extra costs. Moreover, ignorance of Georgian language or inappropriate translations used to cause shortcomings and misunderstandings. The new service will minimize similar cases and foreign citizens will communicate with the NAPR in simpler, faster and more comfortable environment.

As reported, the bodies engaged in production, processing and distribution of food products, forage, veterinary medications, pesticides and agrochemicals and plant protection activities are obliged to get registered as business operators.

Moreover, the bodies engaged in labor migration to foreign countries are also obliged to pass registration as business operators.

It should be also noted the NAPR also offers Georgian-English versions  of the statute on the website www.napr.gov.ge.