Ordering online on the fast food market from www.foodpanda.ge is gaining more and more demand. The service is universally acclaimed by people of all ages and professions, from both men and women. This is especially true when the weather inconveniences us – during rains, winds, and snow, when going outside is too much of a hassle and you need a tasty and pleasant meal you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Foodpanda has begun operating in regions outside of Tbilisi. Starting November 17th, 2014, foodpanda has extended to Batumi, as well. Despite the short span of time the service has already become popular in the seaside city. Foodpanda has already actively spread through restaurants, and the food ordering service is working with dining spots like “Porto Franco”, “Batumi Pizza”, “Khinklis Sakhli #1”, and “Marco Polo.” Foodpanda offers a large, convenient and wide range of choices to its customers, and delivers food to your doorstep without issues and raising e-commerce to new heights. Foodpanda’s business model has no alternative here at Georgia, and the company is planning on extending its services to more regions in the country.

“I really like the service, especially when the weather’s not particularly forthcoming, and friends decide to all of a sudden come over. Foodpanda’s fast and available, and my favorite meal is with me in 30 minutes. There’s nothing like it,”  say the Batumi costumers.

“We’re in this business for the long run, so whenever we see the possibility, we extend. This is our first step in Western Georgia and we can already say that the start in Batumi was a success. We are already planning on further broadening the restaurants list there. At this point, we are considering going for Kutaisi next as a viable prospect, but current focus is set on developing Tbilisi and Batumi,” stated foodpanda’s director at Georgia, Giga Kerkadze.