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The flat 37- Wine-press, Pitcher and Tone on 8th Floor

Wooden made Georgian Fence, Tone, Wine-press, 43 pitcher and more than 10 kinds of wine-You shouldn’t think it’s some of Kakheti villages, it is located in the center of Tbilisi on the 8th floor of 8 floor apartment and its a bar-restaurant “Flat 37”. The founder of the restaurant Zurab Natroshviuli talks about more details.  

When did you come up with an idea to make pitchers on 8th floor?

Two years ago, me and my friend, Zaza  Nozadze came up with an idea. We are doctors by profession; however we decided to work in this field because of our love for wine. From the beginning, the idea sounded strange for everyone, we had consultations with people who are professionals and have an experience in this field. At the same time, I knew that the flat had a capacity to locate pitcher there because many years ago, I was constructor of this flat and I knew that it was safe. It matches all the standards.

Pitchers are located on veranda, where small pool should have been located. There are 43 pitchers overall. The smallest one has a capacity of 200 liters and the biggest one can save 300 liters of wine. We bought 25 tons of grapes and we will serve more than 10 kinds of wine from Kakheti and Kartli.


I want to add that the flat 37 is not a restaurant, because the idea is very different. We want to host people for whom the wine is not just an alcoholic drink. It was not supposed to receive guests from the beginning but we decided to create a space for visitors too because of a big interest. “The flat 37” is located on 500 square meters and can host 120 people at the same time.

How many people did you employ?

Currently, we have 4 employees and we are going to hire 6 more people. We have Tone on veranda, as well as wine-press. When there is a vintage period, we will give the guests opportunity to trample the grapes. We will have a separate wine-press for them.
The flat 37 will be opened officially in next few days and it basically aims average and high-income segment.