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Technology Park Tbilisi

First Technology Park Will Open in the Late 2015

With the initiative of Georgian government and Innovation and Technology Agency of the Ministry of Economy, high technology and innovation development center will open in Okrokana. 

The facility will be built on an area spanning 18,000m2 in Tbilisi’s recreation area near Mtatsminda Park.

Techno Park will create united ecosystem and will encourage developing creative ideas.

The new facility, commonly referred to as Technology Park, is expected to be open by the end of the year. The Technology Park aimed to promote scientific research and innovative ideas in Georgia as well as create a partnership between innovation and technology.

The new complex will provide resources for start-up and small-sized companies that has not been accessible before. The Technology Park will play an important role in the creation of new companies, current business development, commercialisation of innovations and creation of high-paid jobs.

The Technology Park will also give Georgia an opportunity to create local branches of international companies and attract foreign investments.

The new facility will consist of small incubators as well as educational centres and laboratories, large offices for companies, co-working spaces, conference rooms, recreational areas and more.

Techno Park plays a big role in:
• Creating new businesses
• Development in businesses
• Creating new companies
• Commercialization of innovations
• Creating high-paid working places

It is worth mentioning that very first Techno park was build in 1950 in the USA, “Silicon Valley”. Today there are 70 Techno parks in the world, which serves approximately 200 000 companies.
3m lari investment will be implemented in Georgia’s Technology Park.