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First Private High-Tech Center Silicon Valley Opened in Tbilisi

First Private High-Tech Center Silicon Valley Opened in Tbilisi

The first private high-tech center “Silicon Valley Tbilisi” was opened in Tbilisi. Respective facility bring the IT Academy, the University of Business and Technologies, school and laboratory as well as research centers and tech incubators to the one space.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili. The head of the Government addressed the attendees of the event with a welcoming speech and outlined the importance of establishing the “Silicon Valley Tbilisi”. Giorgi Kvirikashvili expressed the hope that the center will provide a great support to software engineers and entrepreneurs in the process of amelioration of their business ideas.

“I am glad to be participating in the opening ceremony of the new, first private high-tech center – “Silicon Valley Tbilisi”. This is a groundbreaking project and we are pleased that this is the first investment in the area of the high-tech. It is a welcoming fact that the Government’s initiatives that were first implemented last year by opening the Techno Park and developing the high-tech and innovative areas, became so popular among the representatives of the private sector. We are glad to be seeing the complex vision of this group as well as the diverse infrastructure that is present here, including the school, high-tech university, IT direction, laboratories, training centers, etc. It is crucially important that this infrastructure will foster development of innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit,” – Prime Minister noted.

According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, it is noteworthy that the dual education model will be implemented in the high-tech center, which implies ensuring employment of the students alongside with provision of education to them.

“It is a welcoming fact that model of dual professional education will be operative in this center. Respective model implies acquiring of practical experience alongside with obtaining education and it directly aims at implementation of the 4-point reform plan,” – Giorgi Kvirikashvili noted.

Prime Minister also elaborated on the topic of the Kutaisi Campus University project, which, according to him, will be the largest scale project together with the scientific research center.

“As you know, implementation of the project of unparalleled scale has been commenced – a few days ago construction of Tech University has launched in Kutaisi. The cost of the project is one billion EU and together with the Tbilisi Technical University, it creates a huge and important complex that will be transferred to the state. The project will bring major changes to the development process of the high technologies in Georgia and generally; it will also ameliorate the quality of technical education and qualitatively change the country’s development,” – Prime Minister noted.

Giorgi Kvirikashvili also congratulated the school students on commencement of the new academic year and wished them best of luck.

“Commencement of the new school year is an important date in the lives of all children. I can vividly remember the mixed emotions that I experienced – excitement caused by seeing of my friends and a bit of laziness due to the starting of the learning process, however, these are the warm, positive childhood memories. I would like to wish the best of luck to all of you!”

Georgian developers, program engineers and entrepreneurs will be able to fully develop their business ideas, deepening their tech skills and expanding their capacities at the “Silicon Valley Tbilisi”. Within the frames of the project, offices of leading tech companies and brands, student campuses and summer school for children with sports arenas and swimming pools will be arranged in this space. “Silicon Valley Tbilisi” project covers all the stages necessary for Georgia to claim its niche of the tech exporting country.