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First Olive Processing Enterprise Opens in Georgia

The first olive processing plant equipped with modern technologies has opened in the village of Saqobo, the Sighnaghi Municipality.

The Georgian Olive enterprise was built as part of the state program for co-financing of agriculture products processing and storage enterprises. The Agriculture Projects Management Agency has provided support in the project implementation.

Giorgi Kvirikashvili visited the olive plantation on 300 hectares and the new enterprise.

I believe the processed product will be competitive on both Georgian and foreign markets, the Prime Minister noted.

“This is an important investment. According to historical sources, olive gardens used to grow in Qiziki. This is a Diaspora investment. Our compatriot, who had left abroad, has made this investment and planted olive gardens on 200 hectares. An olive processing plant has been also constructed.

The olive processing plant employs more than 100 persons: the plant produces biologically clean olive and packed olive. We have financed many important projects thanks to the Agriculture Promotion Program and this project is one of the successful projects. We will implement similar projects, including in the Kakheti Region”, Giorgi Kvirikashvili said.

The project’s total investment value makes up about 5 million GEL. Businessman Giorgi Svanidze has implemented the project by Dutch-Turkish investment.

“We started revival of Georgian olive seven years ago  by support of His Holiness and the Georgian Diaspora. Georgian Olive and Geo Olive companies have invested several millions in implementing this unique project and organized olive plantation on 300 hectares (250 000 olive plants). The company will process the first harvest in its own plant.

We are very proud that we have implemented this project and today we are able to offer unique Georgian product to customers in both Georgia and abroad. In the future we plan to launch production of pip, pomegranate and peach too to provide yearlong, not only seasonal production. I would like to stress the importance of the support from the Government, the Economy Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry, because this support is additional stimulus for the business and investors”, Giorgi Svanidze noted.