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First Georgian Bicycle to Enter Market in June

Young bicycle lovers begin the serial production of the first Georgian bicycle. The bicycle project is already ready, the prototype is designed and the innovative bikes will enter the market in the first quarter of 2018.

The project will be implemented by Georgian Bicycle Group, a subsidiary of bikes.ge. The company will initially issue 500 units per year and will cost 750-800 GEL.

According to Author of idea Beka Kiknavelidze, bicycles will be on sale online directly from the factory.

”Our aim and approach is to create a right model of bicycle. We will produce test products in the middle of July this year and offer 150 bicycles to customers, which number will increase up to 500 during the year. We are actively working on project and testing it in any way,”-Beka Kiknavelidze said.

As for founders, product is based on Georgian motives. Industry is not lucrative at this stage but they’re aiming at making it profitable.

As for future plans, company will produce electric bicycles by 2019.