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First Georgian Apple Chips to Enter the U.S. market

The first Georgian apple chips may enter the U.S. market in 2019. The founder of the Enkeni company  Shalva Mdzinarashvili told Commersant that a test batch of Georgian apple chips had been sent to America and the company is waiting for the final conclusion of experts. The company founder speaks about the entry into the Chinese market in the near future.

“We have great expectations in the US market since 2019, we’ve also sent the samples of our products to China,” Mdzinarashvili notes.

It is also known to us that Enkeni will release the Green Apple line in 2019.

According to Shalva Mdzinarashvili, the first Georgian apple chips plant will be officially opened at the end of the month. In total GEL 100 thousand was invested in the project- GEL 90,000 was allocated by the Partnership Fund and GEL 10 000 by Enkeni.

Currently, Georgian apple chips are sold at Nikora markets, Goodwill and EuroProduct branches.