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First Fruit Freezing Plant Opens in Georgia

Georgia has huge potential for production of fruits and vegetables. These products are in huge demand in the USA and Israel, Rapael Maghalashvili, founder of Glen Berries company told Business Course TV program.

He has launched a fruit processing plant in Kareli, which is capable of freezing 4 000 tons of fruits on season. The businessman, who has lived in Israel for many years, has invested 2 million USD in the production.

“I have studied the market to determine what volume of fruits I could buy all over Georgia for a year. I received satisfactory results and decided to launch a fruit-freezing enterprise. Demand for frozen fruit rises worldwide by annual 30%. Huge volumes of frozen fruit are imported to Israel from Europe, about 2-month reserves. Fruits are in-demand products in Israel, as well as in the USA. Even if 5 similar enterprises open in Georgia, they will not have problems with sales”, Maghalashvili said.

The plant has been equipped with Italian equipment. Currently, the enterprise employs 130 persons. This number will increase in the future.

“We have already launched reception of fruits and we are surprised at the quality of fruits. We buy fruits from farmers. We have made extra class products and I am very content. We will provide overall assistance to farmers so as they grow much more volume of fruits and vegetables. Israeli agronomists will provide free assistance. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience to farmers in all components”, Rapael Maghalashvili said.