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First Craft Beer Space Opens in Georgia

On March 28, the first craft beer space opened in Tbilisi – 9 MTA. Georgian craft beer “9 MTA” is a unique product and it is made by hand. “9 MTA” was specially developed for Georgian consumers in Norway.

Norway’s number one craft brewing specialist has taken part in preparing a special recipe of “9 MTA” beers – Jikium Kjetil. Objective of the brand is to refine Georgia’s beer world, make iy diverse and shape craft beer culture.

It is said that there are the world’s happiest people in Norway. The new beer’s concept comprises emotions of a happy human. This beer has been developed for sharp feelings, discoveries, trips and novelties.

“9 MTA” has special taste properties that make it different form all other beer products.

The brand of “9 MTA” opened its beer bar at G. Tabidze Street N10 in Tbilisi on March 28. The bar offers 24 varieties of craft beer, various cuisines. Developers of “9 MTA” beer believe that all persons deserve to find the taste of genuine craft beer, because each craft beer that you will taste in “9 MTA” is brewed with special love.