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Agro Market

First AgoMarket Opens in Adjara

The first agricultural market has opened in Kobuleti, the village of Gvara, Adjara Region. The agricultural market  is located on 1000 square meter space of seedling farm of AgroService Center.

The facility was unveiled as part of a new project of Agriculture Ministry of Adjara. Namely, the project calls for creating a network of agricultural market  to enable farmers to  buy high-quality products in the same space and receive qualified consultations for developing their farms.

AgroService center has been arranged at Gvara agricultural market, while a veterinary clinic is being built in several meters.

The agricultural market  will operate at the center for sales of agriculture products, where higher-quality products will be sold as compared to street sellers. The center will trade in agriculture products, plants, seedlings and pesticides.

The space will also give a room to financial organizations that will issue credits in the same space. The agricultural market  will also lease commercial spaces.