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Finnish School in Saguramo to Receive Pupils starting September 2019

In partnership with the Finnish leading educational consortium, Alliance Group Holding plans to open a Finnish school in Saguramo, which will receive pupils starting September 2019.

Aiet Kukava, director of Alliance Group Holding told BM.Ge that the project’s investment value is 15 million EUR.
The educational process will proceed in both Georgian and English languages. The fee has not been specified yet. 
At this stage, the school is selecting teachers, who will be trained in several stages starting September. 

Trainings will be held both in Georgia and Helsinki. The training courses will be ensured by experts of the Finnish consulting group.
Aiet Kukava explains that it is desirable that teachers hold MA degree.

“I have taken MA degree in business in the USA and I will need to pass 6 training courses for the Finnish school if I want to become a teacher. This is an important phase, because I may have good education, but lack for teaching skills. Teachers will be subjected to strict criteria, but the chance will be given to everybody. Foreign citizens have also expressed interest”, Aiet Kukava pointed out.

Preliminary agreement has been already achieved with the Minitry oif Education. After the school inauguration, the founders plan to obtain double accreditation so as the graduates be able to be enrolled both in Georgia and European universities, he added.

‘We plan to build the biggest school in South Caucasus, but this will not be an only school. Later we plan to build schools in Batumi and Kutaisi and then we will enter foreign markets too… the school board will be staffed by 4 foreign and 3 Georgian professionals”, Aiet Kukava said.