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Find Your Tree in This Issue

There are many reasons for planting trees and there are many other reasons why we cannot plant trees. However, modern technologies considerably minimize the number of similar reasons.

The National Geographic Georgia and Treepex company enable everybody to make contribution to greening our planet.

You should just become member of the National Geographic Community in October, receive the magazine and unique QR code of Treepex. After that, a new tree will be planted on your behalf.


At this stage, trees are being planted in the following places: Borjomi-Bakuriani woodland zone, Ajameti Protected Territory and Tbilisi National Park.

Trees will be mainly planted there, where the process of restoring Georgian species is carried out, including Caucasian Fir-tree and Georgian Oak. Information desk will be fixed near each planted tree with indication of the owner and exact location (GPS). All this information will be emailed to the contributors and they will be able to visit the tree location and the protected territory any time.

Use this unique opportunity and enjoy the aesthetic value of our printed magazine that has been disseminating knowledge about our planet for 130 years. Our magazine is issued in more than 100 countries and its audience accounts for more than 60 million readers. In this way you will make modest contribution to such important affair as greening the environment.


Detailed instruction is available here: 

Visit the National Geographic Georgia website  http://www.nationalgeographic.ge/subscribe/ 

Subscribe to the magazine, receive the magazine at any address and get your unique code of Treepex. Download the Treepex application into your phone (available for both IOS and Android systems), scan the QR code and after that the photo camera will be activated. Take a photo of the magazine cover.

Congratulations! A tree has been planted on your behalf.

You can also share this information in social networks through hashtags #დარგეხე, #ამნომერშიშენიხეა so as many people join the environment greening campaign as possible.