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Finance Minister to Meet with Georgian Businessmen

A meeting of Georgia’s Finance Minister Nodar Khaduri and  representatives of the business sector will be held today upon the initiative of the Georgian Employers’ Association  (GEA).

The Employers’ Association  is launching a series of meetings  titled ” Business dialogue with the government” which envisages  regular meetings of the business sector with  the government’s economic team. The meetings aim to discuss government programs and the issues that are important for business development through  direct dialogue.

The first meeting will be held with  the Ministry of Finance and  will be attended by the Minister of Finance Nodar Khaduri.

The meeting will focus on the macro-economic parameters (2014-2015); Georgia’s economic growth prospects; the national budget (spending part – 2014-2015); The role of government in the process of creating an attractive investment and business environment (tax code and changes)

Business has  long been concerned about the lack of communication with the government.

Various business representatives have repeatedly talked about the lack of communication in their interviews with  “Commersant”.

Recently, in an interview with “Commersant”,  the tobacco importers have touched on the problem of the lack of communication with the government as well, who claimed that the authorities had to  consult with importers regarding an  increase in the excise tax on cigarettes.

Minister of Finance met  with the Georgian  business a year ago. Then, tax law and communication issues were the subject of discussion with the government.