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Filbert Exports from Zugdidi to Europe

Filbert Exports from Zugdidi to Europe

Before succeeding in exports business, she launched household enterprise, but success came soon and she decided to expand business. Maia Mikava, Terabank business client, is our respondent today. She has passed very interesting business history.

«I started filbert exports business by very small household enterprise, but later I realized expansion was necessary. Therefore, I contacted one of the foreign partners who was interested in growth in production and exports. We jointly built a big plant, but my partner’s expectations did not justify and our cooperation ceased and we decided to depart.

I needed additional financial resource to return the stake to my partner. For some reasons, all commercial banks refused my application. I applied to Terabank and they rendered much assistance to me. I bought off the stake from my partner and launched production independently. At this stage I export Georgian filbert to almost all European cities independently. I have also added a frying line, laboratory and expanded scales very much. I have also diversified business and created farmers assistance service center and now we are working in 24-hour regime. We export all varieties of filbert: unbroken, fried, cut, and so on.

EuroHazel is our trademark. Terabank has assisted me in buying off the stake in this company and currently I own 100% stake in the company. Georgian filbert is in much demand and I realize my business needs extra expansion, because this business is very successful and There is good opportunity to reach new heights», she noted.

Maia Mikava applied to Terabank for financing business in 2013. She took two loans with 5 year maturity period for filbert business expansion and currently, she is one of the successful business clients for Terabank. Like Maia, other businessmen have their own bankers in Terabank. SME bankers and SME analysts care to choose required and useful bank products for them, help them in taking adequate decisions and give beneficial recommendations for their business.

After rebranding Terabank has arranged a business hub specially for businessmen. Cozy and comfortable interior jointly with profitable bank products is one of the advantages that Terabank offers to its business clients.