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FERRERO to Purchase Megrelian Hazelnut Products

“Megrelian Nuts” Ltd was created by Agricultural Production Processing and Savings Plant in Samegrelo, village Tkheli, which collects the nuts from farmers and peasants.

As the founder of the company Mamuka Dvalidze told Bm.ge, nuts will be received from Samegrelo and Svaneti, while from next year they are going to expand and cover other regions of Georgia. The company plans to acquire and sell 1000 -1500 tons of hazelnut this season.

“We have contract with Italian company” Ferrero “, which will purchase our production we have recently signed a contract with them to help us in the construction of the enterprise and give us 50 thousand euro grants for nuts production.

“Ferrero” buys only the highest quality nuts, so receive the best products from the population and pay 5 GEL in kilograms, while low quality price is 3,5 GEL.”

The company plans to build another enterprise next year, which will be placed in Samegrelo or Kakheti.