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Fate of KhudonHES is Still Unclear

Fate of KhudonHES is Still Unclear

The fate of KhudonHES is still unclear. Minister of Energy still considers the project as important and strategic for the country, but he cannot specify its launch term. The opponents of the projects are named as the hampering reasons.

The minister noted in his peach that all energy projects are carried in a format of research and public discussions and if a gap is revealed it is corrected.

“I am sure that construction of EngurHES also had opponents and they were against it, but now we are all proud of such projects, such as EngurHES”, – Kakha Kaladze noted.

However, investor of the HES indicates to the acceleration of the process. Technical Director of KhudonHES investor company “TransElectric” declared to GBC, that despite the suspension of the process, several works are still carried, individual meetings are held with the local population.

“We all know, that EngurHES kicked out energy supply of Georgia during the winter period due to small water and import of additional energy has become necessary. Merely, KhudonHES can arrange such problems”, – David Mirtskhulava declares and considers that the project should be accelerated.

According to KhudonHES project, installed capacity of the HES is 702 mgwt. More than 1 billion USD should be spent for its construction.