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F-creathon: Project Aiming at Promoting Entrepreneur Women’s Role in Business Sector

Emphasizing the role of women as an equal and valuable phenomenon in both political and business life is relevant in Georgia and worldwide. This factor has accentuated necessity of developing such project as F-creathon.

This project has won the grant competition of Innovations and Technology Agency of Georgia. Promoting entrepreneur women in business sector is a key direction of this project.

Caucasus Business week talked with Tamta Kalandadze, author and organizer of the idea regarding the project. 

F-creathon project has not been held yet. Only public presentation was held. The project will be implemented on December3-4. Key objective of the project is to expand involvement of young entrepreneur women  in business sector, to transform their ideas in startup projects and to prepare them for acceleration process. We will also contribute to developing startup eco-system in Georgia.

 How was the project idea born?

I started developing the project after Innovation and Technology Agency announced grant competition for holding Creathon, MakeAthon and Hakathon. I had this idea previously too, but after announcement of this competition I found a real way for its implementation.

Who can take part in the project and what are the criteria for selecting entrepreneur women?

All women, who have turned 18 years old, are welcome to participate in the project. There is no upper age limitations. Naturally, we will choose creative and innovative projects,  motivated young women full of enthusiasm, who have potential and ambition to implement their startup ideas in reality and develop the business sector of Georgia.

Who will act as mentors and speakers and what activities  will be carried out within 48 hours and in which forms?

Individuals experienced in this field will act as mentors and speakers. We will also cooperate with successful businesswomen, who will share experience to the project participants.

The project will be implemented in active regime. On the first day, participants will be divided in groups and the process of generation of ideas will start. Trainings will be held in marketing, financial and legal issues. At the end of the day, mentors will assist groups in preparing primary presentation of their ideas.

Moreover, successful businessmen will deliver short speeches. At the end of the day, project participants will be able to get entertained and relax in various forms. It should be noted that the project is implemented in continuous regime and the event organizers will work with project participants during the night to provide maximum assistance to them in the project implementation process.

The second day will be dedicated to presentations and key principles of startup world, as well as first steps of startup authors. In the second half of the day,  the project participants will collaborate with mentors to shape a final variant of their projects and at the and of the day, three groups with best startup projects will be named.

After completion of Creathon, participants will start implementing ideas. Do you plan to hold intermediary meetings with them and what forms will you choose to communicate with them?

After project completion, we will continue active cooperation with project participants and we will supervise development of their business projects. Moreover, in December I plan to establish a club for young entrepreneur women. This club will gather women with common interests to exchange ideas, develop new startups and I believe participants of this specific project will be active members of the club.