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Export of American Cars to Azerbaijan Faces Problems

Problems began after Azerbaijan introduced the standard of fuel Euro-4 that automatically stopped exporting cars made before 2005. However, despite the fact that American cars comply with Euro-4 standard, they practically do not pass through the border.

It comes to the cars of American brands manufactured in Japan after 2011 which comply with the Euro-4. It is a reason why the Azerbaijani border guards and customs officers do not let them into the country.

However, according to Ukrainian car dealers, Japanese cars produced for the US market quite meet the standards of Euro-4 required by  the official Baku.

George Surguladze,  CEO at “Caucasus-Auto-Import“, notes that despite this, the Azerbaijani customs officers  for unknown reasons do not pass cars and sometimes require bribes.

“We are trying to solve this problem with the help of customs and tax authorities of Georgia. We conducted an experiment and attempted to smuggle “Lexus” produced in 2006 across the border. Despite the participation of our state structures, there were a big problem, and it took 2 days to move the car from Georgia to Azerbaijan,”- he said.

According to him, these problems can complicate the export of cars to  Azerbaijan.

“There is such a situation when the Azerbaijani dealer buys a car in Georgia, but cannot be sure that it will be allowed  in Azerbaijan. Accordingly, it is very likely that in the future he would abstain from buying a car in Georgia, “- says Surguladze.

According to the auto importers,  the Georgian government delegation is expected to visit Baku in the near future  and the parties will reach agreement on the specific models of cars that can be exported to Azerbaijan.

“If such an agreement is reached, it will remove many of the problems both for  the Georgian and Azerbaijani businessmen,” – he adds.