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Experto Consulting Appointed as the Exclusive Partner for Nersant Business 2017 in Portgual

A Tbilisi-based business consultancy which pioneered Market Entry Services in Georgia – announced that they were recently appointed as the exclusive partner for Nersant Business 2017 in Portgual, October 23-25.

“The amount of trade between Portugal and the Caucasus is fairly limited.  But as the European Free Trade Agreement takes hold here in Georgia, we expect that picture to change fairly quickly.  The purpose of Nersant Business 2017 is to bring businesses together to explore new possibilities,” said Ludovic Girod, Experto Founder and Managing Director.

Nerssant Business 2017 is one of the largest business meetings held in Portugal.  It is an international business forum that is designed to promote trade relationships with Portugal, the EU and Eurasia, as well as other regions around the world.  It is a multisector trade forum with special emphasis on chemicals, construction, building materials, metalworking, IT, food, beverages, furniture, fashion, machinery, logistic, health and others.

“In the Caucasus, cork for wine and spirits is the most prominent product to come from Portugal, amounting to about $5.5 million per year.  Trade in the other direction is quite limited, but that’s why trade forums like Nersant are so important to the region.  That’s why we’re so excited at Experto to take the lead.  We want to unlock Europe for Georgian producers, as well as importers,” said Girod.

Nersant enables B2B meetings; provides introductions; and encourages Portuguese investment in participating countries. Selected importers and business entities can be invited with no out-of-pocket travel expenses by only covering the €400 symbolic Registration Fee for the event.  Interested parties should visit http://business.nersant.pt/en/ or contact Experto for more information at [email protected].