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Exclusive Saperavi From Ghvardzelashvilis Marani

Exclusive Saperavi From Ghvardzelashvilis Marani

Ghvardzelashvilis Marani Produce Exclusive wine Products The demand and the confidence of small wine companies in the Georgian market constantly growing.

One of them is Ghvardzelashvilis Marani, which took the 3rd place among the Saperavi wines from Kvevri at a recent wine fair in Expo Georgia, stayed behind only grandees of the market. Wines of Marani, also known as the wine for steak, contain a very large amount of alcohol – 15 degrees with the unique taste, which is revealed only after 20 minutes.

“It is all about the ground where the grapes are growing,” said founder of Ghvardzelashvilis Marani, Giorgi Ghvardzelashvili.

13664438_1313019402061299_1060587109_nHomeland of this wine is the village Kondoli, Tsinandali region, Kakheti – mainly this place is known as birthplace of Georgian wines. Giorgi Ghvardzelashvili stated that the quality of wine depends on the age of the vineyard. With his own 46-year-old vineyard, a great love and devotion to the traditions of Georgian winemaking, he was able to produce a unique product. While decided to enter the market in 2014, Ghvardzelashvili declined modern technologies and decided that only native Georgian tradition can convey the taste of the wine. Therefore, one of the most popular Saperavi wine is made in ancient clay jugs – Kvevri that is buried in the ground, and where the wine continued aging. Moreover, Ghvardzelashvilis Marani’s wine is made from only natural products; in care of the wine is used Bordeaux mixture.

“It is pure bio mixture. You can even eat grapes with it and nothing wrong will happen to you. It does not penetrate inside the fruit, only protects from external bacteria and diseases,” said Ghvardzelashvili.

Production of the wine itself is limited – Ghvardzelashvili family owned just 2 hectares of vineyards, which produced 1200 bottles in first year.

“I was pleasantly surprised of the first year’s results. At this moment, I have quite a few bottles left, while ahead is the peak of tourist season. The wine was in highly demand the whole year only in the wine bars of Tbilisi,” said Ghvardzelashvili.

This success prompted Ghvardzelashvili to expand the product range.13866529_1313019398727966_1070781797_n

“Famous varieties of Georgian wines like Saperavi and Rkatsiteli already well known not only in Georgia, but abroad as well, so it is natural that the market requires more unique products. Thus, I decided to bring back to life a few already forgotten wines such as Kisi, which has gradually mastered in Georgia, as well as Khikhvi, which is completely new one for modern market,” he said.

Additionally, Ghvardzelashvilis Marani will produce Chacha, which is also aging in Kvevri. As Ghvardzelashvili said, this is one of the oldest Georgian technology, which is unused by majority of companies.

“Local tasters were delighted and highly appreciated our Chacha, so it will already appear at the Georgian market for the first time already this year,” he added.

Wine tourism is one of the leading areas in Georgia. Foreigners are given the opportunity to follow the process of wine making, as well as to ensure about its naturalness. Taking into account the demand, Ghvardzelashvili equips infrastructure of his family business and soon will be able to receive guests, to talk about the unique wines and the history of his family, after which his company was named.