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Exclusive – Hyatt Plans to Open Hotels in Regions of Georgia

After Tbilisi, “Hyatt” plans to open hotels in other  cities of Georgia. “Hyatt Hotels Corporation” signed a contract  with “Rustaveli Property Ltd” regarding the construction of Hyatt Regency hotel.

The company’s representative says  in his letter sent to “Commersant” that “Hyatt” is expanding only  in the cities where their  hotel‘s guests want to rest. Due to hospitality, nature, the best drinks and meals, Georgia has become a popular tourist destination. In his words,  Georgia is also attractive in terms of  foreign investments, thanks to  political, economic and administrative reforms.

“Hyatt” representative notes  that the company has a strong representation in the region, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, but the company aims to increase its presence in the cities where their tourists wish  to travel and  the opening of the hotel in Georgia is a logical step. He says, “Hyatt” will be happy to discuss the possibilities of opening hotels in other Georgian cities, given that it will be commercially viable both for the owner and “Hayat “.

As reported, “Hyatt” five-star hotel in Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi will be opened in the former building of the  Ministry of Justice in 2017.