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Georgian Medical Corporation Evex Suspected in Killing its Patient

25-year old Georgian male David Davitidze was murdered on May 3rd in Shuakhevi. According to eyewitnesses, Davitidze was assaulted with a knife after a brief verbal argument. Davitidze passed away in the Evex hospital several hours after the assault.

The deceased’s relatives attest that Davitidze walked to the hospital himself, despite an open wound in the stomach area. At the hospital, Davitidze bled to death, due to the surgeon’s absence. Surgeon supposed to assist Davitidze was called from Khulo area hospital; his emergency transport took two hours to reach the hospital – the time that proved lethal for David Davitidze.

Medical Corporation Evex has stirred some controversy in Adjara region recently by refusing to conduct three surgical procedures, including those of childbirth and C-section, at hospitals in Adjara region, several weeks ago.

Today, head of Adjara’s highest council Avtandil Beridze meets Evex representatives. Adjara’s Ministry Health of Health is holding negotiations with the Corporation regarding the three surgeries that Evex suspended on its own accord.The Ministry demands the surgeries to be administered at Kedi, Shuakhevi and Khulo’s respective municipal hospitals. 

An investigation in regard to David Davitidze’s death is underway. Medical documentation has been sent out to institutions that will study the circumstances and evidence of Davitidze’s death. Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau will publish results of analysis this week. The study will shed light on the criminal case and demonstrate whether or not Evex Medical Corporation is at fault for David Daivitidze’s tragic death.