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European Legislation of Tobacco Regulation doesn’t Restrict Retails

Georgian Distributors’ Business Association represented claims of 2397 representatives of small and larger businesses in retail market to Georgian Parliament, concerning the changes which are planned to be made in the law.

The claim is about the change in the 5th paragraph of Georgian constitution concerning tobacco control in Georgia. According to the new law, retails will be restricted and tobacco accessories will be prohibited at the retail market.

“It has to be noted that similar prohibition is not considered in European and American legislations about the regulation of tobacco control and these are countries which implemented successful and radical campaigns to restrict tobacco control.” 

Association supports tobacco control restrictions to prevent consumption of tobacco to avoid bad influence and pass law to support healthy lifestyle in the society. With the aim of encouraging young people to choose a healthy lifestyle, GDBA is planning to implement many events and campaigns and support the government to promote healthy lifestyle.