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European Business Association to Create Matchmaking Lobby for Business to Business

David Lee, Chief Executive Officer of European Association held a meeting with startup companies at Business Incubator. He discussed conditions of membership, concepts of association and their role. Besides, attendees were asked to form an opinion, list issues and review what they expect from EBA.


European Business Association was launched on July 25th, 2017. EBA is a non-profit, membership-based organization, registered under the laws of Georgia to advocate European business in the country and facilitate trade between Europe and Georgia. It will be primarily online and working language will be English. David Lee noted that they want to cover all Georgia and get regions involved.

‘’We know exactly where we want to go- to the West, in EU. I think, it’s quite realistic to consider that it can happen in 5-10 years. Although, we are not interested in politics, we want to grow businesses, but avoid EU investing a loan in it,”-says David Lee. 

‘’Good partner can boost your business. But still, it’s not our purpose to become angel investors and everyone to get funded. Our main function is to create a lobby for business to business, matching and get you in touch with a partner or distributor. 

Startups from various fields represented themselves and get informed, that they can get individual  assistance and specific approach to solving issues by association.

‘’We are interested in smaller, growing companies. You can see a lot of talent here, innovative startups in Georgia today, but problem is a lack of information and transparency about making business in Europe. There is a need of connections between local startups and professional colleagues in Europe,that can unlock a ton of opportunities. You just need to think innovative and global, willing to approach EU market. It has never been a better time for business’’