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EU Support Transforms Traditional Hospitality into Family Business in Georgia

A family-run hotel in the Georgian village of Juta, in Kazbegi municipality, which benefited from EU assistance, is now able to provide high-level hospitality services to local and international tourists, according to a recently published news story.

Located 2,200 metres above sea level, the village of Juta is one of the highest settlements in Georgia, situated on the main ridge of the Caucasus mountain range. Over the years, Juta has become a popular destination for hikers, tourists and people who simply want to spend their holidays in the fresh air.

The Arabuli family who own the business decided to construct a new hotel to expand their activities. The two-story building was built next to the Arabuli family home, with 5 rooms which can accommodate about 15-16 people.

However, the new construction alone was not enough to develop a business and fully cover the costs of furnishing the new hotel. After submitting a successful application for additional funding from the EU’s European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) and Kazbegi Development Group, Tamar Arabuli, whose parents had been running a hospitality business for years, was able to realise her dream of providing unforgettable experiences and maximum comfort for her guests.

“The training carried out with EU ENPARD support was very useful and helped me a lot,” she said. “With the help of the Kazbegi Local Development Group, I looked at issues including travel and tourism services, financial activities, and the service industry in a simpler way.”

“They offered to arrange the trainings in accordance with our interests. They were involved in the process of writing the plan, creating the project and the application”, added Tamar.

With EU funds, the Arabuli family was able to purchase new kitchen equipment, beds, wardrobes, bedside tables, outdoor lighting and other provisions for the hotel. The next step for the family is to launch a new website for the hotel and promote their hospitality business though social networks.

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