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EU Market to Open for the Black Sea Fish in 2017

According to depute of the Minister of Agriculture, Nodar Kereselidze, EU market will be opened for the black sea fish next year.

Nodar Kereselidze took part in a meeting which took place in Brussels about trade issues in the committee of Georgian-EU association. The participants of the meeting discussed deeply about free trade zone and duties from both sides which have to be completed.

The depute of Minister presented the reforms the government implemented in terms of food safety, the programs implemented in the fields of veterinary and plants protection.

EU representatives talked about the progress Georgian government made in the fields of food safety, veterinary and plants protection programs during the recent years. The reforms implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agency of Groceries, has been estimated very positively 

Georgian side was informed that EU completed all the formal procedures and Georgian honey will be exported to EU. At the same time, they noted that they will open EU market for the Black Sea fish and it will be exported to EU too.