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Erti Kava – Business by Ukrainian Girls in Mestia

Cafe named as Erti Kava (One Coffee) offers delicious coffee to clients in Mestia, Svaneti Region. The cafe was founded by Russian and Ukrainian girls, who have moved to Svaneti for living.

Ksenia Parjiani, one of the authors of the idea told Women Narrative that the demand for product changes due to seasons. Svaneti tourism potential should be used, she says. The young businesswoman also owns two hotels in Svaneti.

“The cafe opened on April 1, 2017. I have arrived from Russia and I live in Svaneti for 8 years. My partner Tania has arrived from Ukraine 4 months ago to help me in developing my hotel here. We decided to arrange a place, where clients would be able to drink a coup of good coffee in this beautiful nature.


Currently, ratio of foreign tourists in our cafe makes up 50%.

Currently we offer 15 varieties of high-quality coffee. We also offer Georgian tea. Prices depend on ingredients. The most expensive coffee costs 10 GEL. We also have herbal milk for vegetarians”, Parjiani said.