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Energy Minister Kaladze Bought Seized “Caucasus Online”

“Caucasus Online’s” former owner  says that “Caucasus Online” was bought by Kakhi Kaladze. Mamia Sanadiradze tells “Commersant” the details of the  company’s forced concession and a fraudulentlyseizure by the  current owners of the company.
The businessman explains that the people close tothe previous government forced him to sign an agreement under duress in which he agreed to everything.

He says  that he was forced to cede the company’s 50% share on March 24, 2010 , a year later the remaining 30% of the company, in total 80%.

Mamia  Sanadiradze notes  he has the documents confirming a violent concession of the company’s share, but a lawsuit  filed into the prosecutor’s office has been suspended for 2 years and his case is not under investigation.

According to him, “Caucasus online” property fell into the hands of  the people close to the former government – Khvicha Makatsaria and Levan  Karamanashvili who now are under protection of the new government‘s Vice –Premier and  Energy Minister Kakhi Kaladze.

Sanadiradze says that  Kaladze formalized Caucasus Online’s stolen property in his own name.

In his words,  Kaladze cannot be considered an innocent purchaser of a 56% – share because “Caucasus Online” property was captured in criminal way.

The affected businessman says, the only thing left is to wait when a new government comes to power, the prosecutor’s office is staffed with   new personnel and investigation of a lot of cases begins.

Sanadiradze  hopes that the new government will return the seized property back, because the previous government’s practice of the seizure of property continues under the new government.

Sanadiradze says  a 24% share of the seized company’s 80%  share was registered on creditors, 56%passed into the ownership of Kakhi Kaladze.