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Economic Council Ready to Meet Companies Suffered from Tenders

The Economic Council at Prime Minister’s Office  expressed its readiness to help business in making a decision in its  favor in a case of  the company’s violation of the law if it is possible.

The Economic Council resounds to the materials sent by “Commersant”  which reflect the complexity in the relationship between the state and business.

“We apply to the companies to come to the Administration Office of the Georgian government and submit an application   in the name of George Gakharia. There will be an immediate response. There’s no communication problem with the Council, “- say in the Council and stress that they have a pro-business approach and will try to help businessmen.

In addition, the Administration says that materials provided by “Commersant”  are insufficient and for this reason the Council waits for the representatives of  the companies themselves.

Recall that several months ago George Gakharia replaced  Roman Chkhenkeli on the post of the Secretary of the Economic Council who also performs the duties of the business ombudsman. “Commersant” publication refers to the companies which have participated in the tenders and due to deviations caused by small and objective reasons, face serious problems and sometimes even went bankrupt.

In the article  “Five Georgian tenders which caused damage to the business and state ”  published by “Commersant “, government agencies were not accused of violating legal norms but in  the  non-state approach to the legal norms.