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EBA Discusses Georgia’s Investment Opportunities and the Business Environment in Frankfurt

The European Business Association spoke about investment opportunities and the business environment in Georgia at the Investment Management Exhibition, which was held on March 20-21 in Frankfurt, Germany.

A detailed presentation about the current exciting investment opportunities in Georgia was delivered by Mariam Kuchuloria, the Deputy CEO of EBA Georgia.

Focusing on the uniquely favorable business environment for foreign direct investments in Georgia, EBA presented different projects and explained the role the country will take in the Belt and Road initiative.

The International Management Exhibition (IME) is an international event, which serves as a matchmaking platform for connecting investors with public and private investment project opportunities in Energy, Infrastructure, Logistics, Industry, Mining, IT and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). The focus is Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, Eastern Partnership Countries and Central Asia.

This year, IME was mainly concentrated on the investment opportunities in the region between Germany and China along the ancient central Silk Road via the Caucasus and Central Asia. IME believes that the Belt and Road Concept could facilitate significant improvement of the Eurasian Continent, if the international investors’ community and the governmental authorities of the region work closely together in the coming years.  EBA Georgia is in full agreement.

The basic concept of IME in Frankfurt 2018 was to build on the success of the 13 Central and Southern European member states and benchmark, network and coordinate the investment and economic development both of FDI and SME development.

The Exhibition was opened by the President and CEO of The Region of Frankfurt Rhein Main Mr. Eric Menges, Founder of IME Mr. Bekim Xhafa and Consulate of Chinese People Republic in Germany Mr. Wang Shunqing.

The Chinese Consulate highlighted the importance of Belt and Road Initiative for China, Europe and the countries between. Over 20 country representatives from public and private sector presented investment projects, including Austria, Netherlands. Republic of Kosovo, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Korea, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and different regions of Germany like: Bayern, Baden Wurttemberg, Hessen and Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Institutional investors, Financial service providers, Project developers, Cities & Regional Authorities, Economic free zones/industry parks attended the exhibition.

It has been agreed that IME representatives will visit Georgia in the nearest future to get more information about the specific projects and support Georgia to really compete with other countries at the IME 2019.

EBA Georgia is a new kind of business association that builds businesses in Georgia that trade with Europe and represents the fastest growing European and local businesses in the region.