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Dutch Experts Help in Export of Georgian Greens

Dutch Experts Help in Export of Georgian Greens

With the support of Dutch experts , the Georgian government is working on a program for the development of exports of greens – Economy Minister George Kvirikashvili states.

“As is known, the Georgian greens go for export mainly to the CIS countries and, therefore, it’s very important for us to encourage access to the European market. In this we are helped by the Dutch experts who will make plans to create greenhouses of European standard – we are talking about multi-million dollar projects. Their implementation will have a positive impact on the economic situation of the regions where the population grows greens, “- the Minister says.

According to him, the projects will not be funded by the state, and emphasis will be placed on the participation of the private sector. “We will work on several fronts, including through the Partnership Fund. However, for us the main thing is to involve the private sector, including in the framework of the “Produce in Georgia” program, – the Minister of Economy jnotes.

In the words of George Kvirikashvili, the government is currently working on two new legislative initiatives to attract foreign investors and develop the spa resort of Tskhaltubo with the participation of the French company de Vichy. “We all know the prospects of creating a spa resort in Tskaltubo, so the world-famous French company started research on this issue, in particular, how much should be spent on the creation of a new resort, and what may be its profitability,” – the Minister adds.