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Dubai’s Tax Free Market Opens Up For Georgian SME’s

Georgia’s small and medium enterprises now can expand their activities to the most attractive business environments of the world, Dubai a tax free market is open up for Georgian SME’s.

CBW offers you an interview with the Director of Evergreen Businessmen Services in Georgia, Amir Khwaja who explains their services in details.

– Tell us briefly about your company, what you do and how long have you been on the global and Georgian markets?

– Our company Evergreen Businessmen Services LLC is Dubai, UAE based company registered in the year 2013, which is a take over of a 10-year-old company in Dubai. Currently we are managing 200 plus companies and growing strong every day, giving them solution, related to business registration and on going approvals and other related services.

We help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) all over the world to register their own business in Dubai, UAE; so that they can also participate and grow their business with one of the most vibrant city in the world. Dubai has achieved great heights in various industries and areas. In the year 2014 Dubai had 13.2 millions visitors and 2015 figures will be even higher. For any business to grow faster and wider its important to showcase it to bigger market so that it can get the right international exposure.

We expect that (13.2 millions visitors) these figures are just warming up, as Dubai is getting ready for World Expo 2020. Soon after the announcement of Dubai’s win to host World Expo in the year 2020 many projects came in to full swing and will try to complete in next coming years. It’s the best opportunity for any local business to display its products and services in such a market where world is participating together in one place, as it will be highlighted in much brighter way.

I have been into consulting, in Dubai since 2004, my last job was with Barclays Bank as a Sr. Investment Manager, consulting high net worth individuals in Dubai, UAE and other countries. Currently we are in process with ISO 9001 – 2008 quality services certification. We are also in process with Diploma in UAE HR Law.

In Georgia we recently started our satellite office to help Georgians business owners who would like to be part of this bigger opportunity available in Dubai. Which can help exporters, manufactures, service related business owners, or even startups that would like to grow their business to next levels.

We can answer most of their questions related to registration and kind of approvals required to setting up their business in Dubai where world is going to participate in larger format in the year 2020.

– How do you evaluate Georgia’s business environment?  Why did you choose Georgia?

– I had recently attained the program organized by Alliance Group Holding with Jordan Belfort in Tbilisi Concert hall, and was very happy to see the response; it was a full house, sold out concert. This concert was based on sales training; every SME owner in some or the other ways have to sell him self or his products. There were many students and young generation participated in this program they can be future business owners. Even at the Agro related exhibition held recently shows the potentials of growth in the production of this these industries. If such products are displayed in the right market where world come to trade, which will boost the exports to new levels.

We choose Georgia because of its geographical location, as it’s located in the crossroads of Eurasian countries, touching Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

Our experience so far with Georgia had been very pleasant; People are open minded, friendly and ready to discuss on new ideas. Processing time is also appropriate as it should be, and more important many things are online friendly. Which actually welcomes new generation, to participate.

Who would not like to work with such population?


– What are your company’s goals?

In most of the countries SME sector contribute more then 73% to its economics growths, and our goal is to help these SMEs register and perform at the best levels if they can increase their sales to new heights, by extending their products and services to international markets.

It’s a costly affair if any businessmen try to travel to various countries in search of new business. And what if it’s been offers at one destination in Dubai? Where world comes to connect and display its various products and services.

– You offer Georgian small and medium-sized businesses a tax-free market, but at the same time a very competitive one, based on Georgia’s economic situation, how do you think Georgian companies will enter Dubai’s market and then become successful?

– UAE does not implement income tax, or corporate tax, or VAT. It becomes much easier for an SME to plan its finances. 100% repatriation of investments and profits is also possible.

I always believe doing business in a healthy competitive market is much better then doing business where you first have to create a need in that market. Normally SMEs will struggle to spend on economic research and feasibility study reports in full details, which a large corporates does before entering any new market.

In fact it’s much easy for an SME to create and focus on WOW factor in such competitive marker if they would like to be successful, competitive and so they can take off their client’s eyes from the price list. For example offer some thing little extra services or products which their competitive are currently not offering.

– In a business trust is a very important element; in the other words are your customers safe?

Although Dubai, UAE being a tax free country, Customer satisfaction and consumer courts are very well regulated if any company found violating such laws are warned and fined on immediate basis also can loose its license in extreme cases. It has almost not corruption environment. No one would ever dare to even offer a bribe. Doing business in such situation we need to be much précised and sure on our offerings.

Apart of this we need to answer to the auditors on regular basis for ISO 9001-2008 authorities for our services and quality standards.

Most important asset we hold is the trust of our existing clients that we are currently offering our services with our well trained and qualified staff, to serve these clients.

– Why you?  Why Georgian companies have to choose you?

– If you read this consider us your personal friend who wishes to ignite this driving desire of success system to flow in you also, we all should remember that success and happiness is not easy to achieve, but every thing in this world worth having is worth working for. We are also Georgian registered company and contribute to local economy having local staff that speaks Georgian language, which makes the translation and understanding of process and our services much easier and simplified. Understanding the local culture is more important specially when offering an opportunity to enter international markets.

Good decision should be followed with action, without action, a good decision becomes meaningless. So if you decide today to grow don’t let this energy go the other way, take the step forward towards your own success.