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Drugs without Prescriptions still Sold in Small Pharmacies

Major pharmacy chains GPC and Aversi  claim that despite the introduction of a system of sale of  a large number of medicines by prescription, small pharmacies still continue to sell drugs without prescription  while  prices of medicines in such cases are significantly higher than in pharmacies observing the new law.

How  is this practice common, how justified are the claims of large companies, and through what mechanisms does the state monitor compliance with the law?

According to a representatives of the Ministry of Health Manana Darakhvelidze,  if the hotline receives information that drugs are sold without a prescription, the pharmacy will be penalized under the current legislation. If the sale of the drugs without a prescription is confirmed, the appropriate sanctions will be applied to the pharmacy .

“In addition, we have a special graph by which  regular raids are conducted to check compliance with the law. In any case, a fact must be proven, otherwise we cannot take concrete actions because of the allegations, “- she notes.

The Head of Department of Regulation of Pharmaceutical Activity at Ministry of Health David Macharashvili states that since  September 1 when the law took effect, 51 cases of the sale of medicines without a prescription have been  recorded.

“Administrative sanctions were adopted in each of these cases and the pharmacies were fined in accordance with the law,” – the official notes.