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Disney Interested in Georgian Tamashobana

Disney is interested in Georgian Tamashobana (Games), which was created by two young Georgian girls, Nau Songhulashvili and Nini Chikovani. The girls founded the company in 2015 and launched production of Georgian traditional ecologically clean toys.

They plan to export products to the European market. They noted that their products satisfy EU market requirements.

Currently, the company founders are conducting negotiations with representatives of Disney, who the Georgian girls met at the International Exhibitions of Toys in Germany. The Georgian products drew attention thanks to their packaging and high quality. 

The girls have created 11 varieties of games that require physical activity and the intellectual involvement of children, including Rezinobana (Game in Rubber Laces), Magic Lace, Qalaqobana (Game in City), Gasaferadebeli (For Coloring), Useless and Useful Words, Aporizmobana (Saying Aphorisms) and so on.

“Computerization is so widespread and there are so many information sources that today children have more information than we knew in their age. We found it necessary to make the new games twice as interesting. When we prepare a new product, it is important that it be safe for children,” Tamashobana founder Nini Chikovani said.

The startup capital made up 25,000 GEL and the girls continued their business thanks to re-investments.

“We increased turnover five times in 2017, without credits and external investments. We have found alternative sources for financing our production and expanding assortment,” Nau Songhulashvili said.

The girls plan to open an office and showroom in Tbilisi, where a play space for children and their parents will be arranged.