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Dirsi assessing 2014 and planning the year ahead

Management of Dirsi

Residental complex

The year of 2014 can unquestionably be considered as a successful year for construction. Signs for this were seen in the construction market, several new projects were launched, while the older construction projects were actively modified and revived.

2014 turned out to be an exceptionally remarkable year for the company AS Georgia, which had a grand opening of the fist stage of housing complex Dirsi on November 29

The fist stage of Dirsi awaits its future residents with 11 completed blocks, renovated and completed apartments, children playgrounds, furnished courtyards, parking zones, boulevard near Mtkvari, kindergarten, school, stadiums. At this point, first residents are moving to Dirsi and are to celebrate New Year at their new homes.

In fact, a new modern city we have built during two years is just one part of the large-scale Dirsi project. This project is held by the Azerbaijan Investment Holding AS Group Investment. The company’s good performance on the Georgian market has led to the fact, that during the opening of Dirsi complex, the launch of many other projects in 2015 was announced. Therefore, this means attracting a lot of investors to Tbilisi. In particular, this concerns building the new Italian -style shopping center and a 3 star hotel in the Dirsi neighborhood.

Trends in Georgian construction market are favorable and acceptable for us – noticeably the public kept up the pace with the new construction trend, meaning construction of complexes. Rather than single buildings, the tenants choose to live in complex type housings. We are pleased that this tendency was first implemented in Georgia by Dirsi, which makes us innovators. The real estate market is very active, new projects and a variety of offers make the environment more competitive, which as a result creates more flexible payment mechanisms for the customers, who get to receive user -friendly mortgage loans and high-quality product.

As of the future, Dirsi also has grand plans. Next year of 2015 can be believed to be more successful for the company. First of all, we launch the second phase of the construction, develop and expand Dirsi in residential and commercial areas. 9 apartment buildings will be added to the housing complex, together with infrastructure facilities, shopping center and a hotel. The implementation of additional capital in Dirsi is also a part of the plan. We will always try to stay innovators in the real estate market, pamper our clients by offering them the best product for the best favorable terms.