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Director of Produce in Georgia Agency Shares Achievements in 2018

Mikheil Khidureli, Director  of the Produce in Georgia Agency, speaks about its  activity and achievements in 2018, namely, growth in financing of enterprises by 10% compared with 2017, grown financing of the hotel sector by 55%, 975 recipients of grants to develop small and micro businesses, export promotion in the amount of $ 30 million, attracted investments worth  56 million.

According to Khidureli, last year the Agency was active in all areas.

 “We are working on business development, export promotion, attraction of  investment in the film industry. Many visits and planned projects were carried out  in 2018.  We have subsidy programs for the business sector, in the industrial component funding  has increased by 10% compared to 2017. The  hotel business financing has increased by 55% – 33 new hotels have been opened as part of our program. Some of them are managed by well-known international brands. In 2018 we financed 975 representatives of small and micro businesses, ”he explains.

Khidureli notes that in 2019 the program to issuing grants to small and micro businesses will be changed as it requires constant review based on the experience gained as a result of the work.

“In 2018, companies funded by our agency exported products worth $ 30 million. We carried out  several very successful visits, in particular, to China, to Shanghai. Several business trips to promote exports to this country are planned for 2019. Apart from that,  Georgia’s representation will be opened in the city of Jintao within the Great Silk Road project, ”the Agency head says.

 Our Agency is set to conduct effective courses to prepare certified export managers.

“We already have such a training center in Batumi. In addition, we are now working on export categorization in order to know which companies, where, and what they export, everything should be clarified and categorized, ”said Mikhail Khidureli.

 We also plan to expand the team involved in attracting investments, the number of employees will be doubled.

“In 2018, we attracted investments in the amount of $ 56 million. We have all the opportunities to be leaders and the exemption of business from paying tax on reinvested profits plays a significant role in this, ”he stresses.

 The head of the Agency believes the time has come for Georgia to be represented on the map of world cinema.

“We have already met with representatives of the largest and most successful Hollywood film companies, such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Hbo. We are also working to attract representatives of the film industry from China, India and European countries to Georgia to make films. Georgia has very big chances to become a cinematic country that will be a big step forward in terms of economic development, ” Khidureli notes.