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Dhabi Group Planning to Build a Skyscraper for the Rich in Tbilisi

CBW has learned that the Arabic Dhabi Group is planning  to build two skyscrapers in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

In the words of Dhabi Group Executive Director, at this stage negotiations  are underway with the Ministry of Economy regarding the  land allocation. Sam Edward says that the luxury residences will be located in one of the skyscrapers, which will be mainly sold to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, as price of residences will be high. He explains that Dhabi Group is going to open the hospital in Tbilisi as well. The group has bought the building where a modern hospital will be placed, Georgian doctors will be employed, but the equipment will come from the United States and Germany.

Dhabi Group CEO notes  that they are  in talks with several large business groups about the hospital project. As for the Millennium 7-star hotel, Edward says it is due to open in the first half of next year. “We wanted to open the hotel in January, but due to a  fact that Georgia lacks  enough materials, we have to bring them from  various countries, Millennium hotel will be the best in the Caucasus region,” Dhabi Group CEO told CBW.

He adds that they are conducting negotiations with Fly Dubai airlines and offer  joint  7-day tour packages for those who wish to spend their vacation in  Georgia. Sam Edward  is staying in Tbilisi now  and is holding  various meetings. Dhabi Group will also participate in the investment forum scheduled in Batumi in September.

A world-renowned casino brand Melko Crown Entertainment will be opened in the building of a 7 –star Millennium Bilmore hotel located behind the so-called Imeli building.