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Development Companies Demand for Tightening Quality Control over Construction Materials

Even development companies openly demand for tightening the quality control over construction materials. The market is abandoned to the whims of fate and even development companies complain about aggravated conditions. The problem is that the customers show growing distrust to new development projects in the course of time. More and more clients think that new buildings are not durable and steady.

It is necessary to carry out monitoring and control on how and what materials are used in construction projects, Lisi Development director general Nodar Adeishvili said. The companies should also produce such products that will not harm the city appearance, Adeishvili added.

“The city hall may prioritize this direction to resolve the existing problem. The new general plan should resolve the issue and prior to introduction of these regulations, the companies should take efforts themselves. We should not damage the city appearance in seeking business benefits”, Nodar Adeishvili said.

Zaur Gotsiridze, head of Torento construction materials laboratory, says that absence of due legislation creates major problems in the development business. The legislation is to oblige development companies to put construction materials to laboratory examination, while today laboratory inspection is optional.

Assertions as if Georgian fittings are low-quality products are exaggerated, because both  imported and domestic fittings may be invaluable, he said. However, he also outlined peculiarities of the Georgian reinforcements anyway and said that Georgian product is broken in the process of welding. Therefore, Georgian reinforcements must be used by different methodology in the building process.

“If the development company follows this technology, then Georgian reinforcements can be used safely and valuably. Ukrainian fittings do not have the same problem. I do not have real information on how accurately Georgian development companies fulfill this technology in relation to Georgian reinforcements”, Gotsiridze noted.

Caparol Georgia director Boris Gamrekeli says that introduction of quality control for construction materials is an issue of critical importance. Any development project must satisfy the standards, be it European, American or Chinese projects. It would not be correct to establish one standard and enforce all companies to follow these standards. Moreover, even high-quality construction materials may be used inadequately  and in wrong way, he said.

“Regretfully, Georgia has ceased educational process in the development-engineering field. Therefore, we have staff with low or imperfect competences”, Gamrekeli noted.

A part of the development companies says that legislative amendments should be adopted in terms of lifespan. Some developers doubt that low-quality construction materials are mainly used in the building process and this factor strengthens distrust to new buildings.

“In Georgia the lifespan of residential buildings ranges from 60 yo 80 years on average. However, in some cases we may even presume 50 years. Naturally this depends on honesty of development companies. In this respect not everything is in order and many mistakes are made. Naturally, this does not refer to reinforced concrete that determines the building steadiness. In turn, for making economy, they may use insufficient volume of other materials to “spare” funds. Maybe this factor is less destructive, but the quality degree worsens anyway. I believe the legislation should regulate the lifespan of a residential building and appropriate amendments are necessary in this respect”, Besti group director Malkhaz Kokhreidze noted.